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Multilayer board is not necessarily the best sunshine

by:UNQ     2020-11-08
2090 when choosing polycarbonate sheet, most consumers are many layers of principle to choose a product, think the polycarbonate sheet quality will be better. Small make up just touching the steel net like you, always thought the quality of the plate and the layer number are closely related, but know, the more the more facts should not like that, polycarbonate sheet how much the number of layers and the quality is irrelevant. What are the advantages of the multilayer sunshine board? Can only say that sun plate layers, the more its sound insulation performance is relatively better, insulating and stays and supportive. But it also performed in addition to the defects in the practical application, such as use it to make a vaulted canopy, sunshine plate layers, the more its service life will be shorter. And the cost is higher than above. In fact, the service life of the sunshine board length is the key to the top of the layer of material, so in the case of no special requirements, two layer board will do the trick.
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