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Monomer sunshine board in the greenhouse, the optimal design of side Windows and skylights

by:UNQ     2020-11-08
Sunshine plate adopted in 2642 set up in the greenhouse, ventilated effect is also very important, so generally design side window or skylight in the greenhouse. It on the side window or skylight, how to design to achieve the best use effect? First of all, according to the actual needs, will the polycarbonate sheet greenhouse side Windows and skylights into open or closed. The side window is commonly have a window, but if the polycarbonate sheet on greenhouse covered the table hard material such as glass, PC, that is about to choose after gear rack system more appropriate; But if could cover for soft, use roll film window system. And sunshine greenhouse skylight plate can also be designed to have an open or intermittent open, if it is repeatedly skylights, that is about to cooperate with successive drive pinion and rack system, and to ensure that every window using a drive system. Like this kind of multiple successive skylight points lift gear and rack system can be used to control the opening and closing at the same time.
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