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Measures to be taken during PC board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-25
PC board is one of the most popular boards now. It has excellent heat insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation and fire prevention performance. It can be said to have won the favor of many merchants and users. In the construction project, it has improved the overall construction progress. It also guarantees the quality of the project. So what are the basic management measures that need to be done during PC board processing?

   PC board processing basic management measures First of all, the PC board processing and production workshop must have a complete management system, and according to the workshop equipment As well as the number of staff, effective design and organization of production and processing every day to ensure that the produced PC boards can meet daily needs.  Secondly, after the determination of the entire production process, the staff cannot make changes at will. If errors are found in the PC board processing process, they must notify the superiors immediately and stop the operation. In the entire production and processing process of PC board products, the working technicians need to strictly follow the operating regulations, process regulations, and quality standards of this type of equipment to carry out effective operations. They must not change the production technology process steps or assembly methods of the board at will, otherwise It is easy to cause product quality problems or industrial accidents.   In addition, each worker in the production workshop must obey the work arrangement of the superiors, and combine different instruments and equipment to effectively improve the entire production and processing schedule. If during the PC board processing process, it is found that the raw materials do not meet the requirements, it must be reported to the superior at this time, and effective treatment methods must be adopted. If the loss is caused by continued production, the person in charge at all levels of the workshop must bear the responsibility.  After the production is completed, the PC boards must be stacked in an environment that meets the requirements to ensure that they are in a ventilated and dry state. In the process of production and processing, any materials, tools and components must be properly placed, not thrown or left at will. In addition, the staff in each position in the PC board production workshop should abide by their job responsibilities to ensure the safety of the equipment during the operation.   In addition to the above points, it is recommended that all friends should do the corresponding cleaning work after the PC sheets is processed and produced every day to ensure that the site is in a clean state. This can not only provide a superior condition for the next production and processing, but also make the PC sheets production workshop more orderly.

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