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Matters needing attention in the production of plastic plates

by:UNQ     2021-03-25
The production materials of plastic plates are classified as lazy molecular materials, and the fluidity of the materials is poor. This somewhat brings a little trouble to the production of plastic plates, so the selection of the production materials of plastic plates is very important. In order to change the difficulty of the die formed by the poor fluidity of the raw materials, and the question of the addition of gaseous substances, when selecting the raw materials, it is necessary to select the materials with some lubricants. The choice of lubricants mainly includes stearic acid and salts. The raw material of the plastic sheet produced in this way is uniform and there are no bubbles.

In the construction method, the construction technology can be improved to obtain more and more high-quality plastic sheets. The primary technical methods for improvement include the question of mastering the amount of feed material, measuring the amount of material required beforehand, not overfeeding or lacking material, and adjusting the amount of material for plastic plates to a higher level. It is best to choose high-pressure and rapid injection method for production, so that better plates can be obtained

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