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Matters needing attention in plexiglass processing screen printing

by:UNQ     2021-04-06

   Some plexiglass products need to print patterns or LOGO on them, which requires one of the plexiglass processing procedures: screen printing. You may not know this process very well, in order to enable you to have a good understanding of the screen printing of plexiglass. If you have a certain understanding, let’s briefly introduce: Matters needing attention in screen printing of plexiglass processing

  1. Screen selection: If you want to print a clear pattern, you must choose a high-resolution screen. Imported photosensitive glue and imported silk screen with high tension and low stretch rate, so that the printed patterns can be clear and delicate without appearing fuzzy and jagged.

  2. Selection of printing ink: Imported inks with good lightfastness, high gloss and friction resistance should be used. Such inks processed by organic glass can resist glare Irradiation can effectively extend the service life of plexiglass products. For some products that have very strict requirements on printed patterns and anti-scratch, you must add anti-scratch oil.

  3. Screen printing environment: Screen printing should be carried out in a clean and dust-free room. If it cannot be dust-free, choose a relatively clean environment. Use a clean brush to remove the dust on the surface before screen printing. Avoid dust adhering to the plexiglass processing board, which will cause the text and color blocks to be incomplete and waste products.

   I believe everyone knows that many products are made of plexiglass. Organic glass has the characteristics of high transparency, chemical resistance, and good insulation. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of plexiglass products, The plexiglass processing technology is particularly important.

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