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Matters needing attention in plexiglass processing and applications

by:UNQ     2021-04-03

Plexiglas processing points and applications

Plexiglas has high transparency and high durability, and can be made into products of various shapes. The processing of plexiglass is more complicated. We need to pay attention: Plexiglass processing Place the plexiglass plates that need to be docked horizontally on the operating platform and close them, then stick a tape on the bottom to leave a gap, and then use a syringe to slowly and evenly inject the adhesive from one side into the gap and fill it all up. , And remove the tape after it is completely cured. Facing bonding is the most widely used bonding technology. During the processing of plexiglass, the surface to be bonded should be wiped clean first. A thin metal wire can be inserted, and the bonding can be completed by capillary action, and the metal wire can be drawn out before the adhesive is cured. A ninety-degree angle profile must be used for the inclined surface bonding to effectively prevent the displacement of the bonded surface. The profile can be removed after it is completely cured. Plane bonding is a special bonding method. The surface to be adhered is first wiped clean and placed horizontally, and then an appropriate amount of adhesive is poured on the surface. Put one side of another plexiglass board diagonally to touch the board to be coated with adhesive, and then put it down evenly and slowly, and drive out the bubbles from one side to complete the bonding.

Plexiglas processing applications

Plexiglas processing plexiglass is widely used, not only in commerce, light industry, construction, chemical industry and so on. Moreover, the production of plexiglass is widely used in advertising decoration and sand table models, such as: signs, billboards, light box panels and Chinese and English letter panels.

The selection of materials depends on the shape design, what kind of shape, what kind of plexiglass, color, and variety must be tested repeatedly to achieve the best results. With a good design and careful processing, it can become a beautiful handicraft.

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