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Mastering the sunshine board several processing and molding process

by:UNQ     2020-11-11
2023 by understanding know, sunshine webmaster if processed using thermal forming method, but differ as a result of the model used, the specific operating mode is also different. Mainly divided into four, under the four different ways of forming, the polycarbonate sheet also have their own characteristics. To simply look at. One is the male mold forming, is made of single plate, and contact with the mold side as the inner surface of the sun plate; The other is a female die forming, on the contrary, with the outer surface of the mold interface is endurance plate; There is a kind of HPF high-pressure die-casting molding, it is concluded that the polycarbonate sheet and on a similar. And is completely different double vacuum forming process, the need to use up and down two sets of mould, although the process is relatively complicated, but the hot working process of plate can be directly, in the course of processing, transport, installation is not easily damaged.
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