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Manufacturing process of acrylic products processed by pc board

by:UNQ     2021-03-28

  1. PC sheets processing mechanical method

   Input the computer-finished pattern into the CNC engraving machine. Set the knife depth and speed according to the characteristics of the material, cut or engrave the required graphics, and then glue or fill in the color.

   The engraving process of signs: The engraving technology has long been in the history of our country, and after thousands of years of development, it has reached a very high level. The artistic level and engraving technology have already become the treasures of the Chinese nation. It is widely used in various fields of society.

   is a color expression material widely used in advertising. Because PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) has the properties of sticking, it can be used to fully express the characteristics of advertising signs. But it can only be used on rough surfaces like metal plates and frosted glass plates.

   engraving signs generally refers to the means of engraving characters or patterns from plastic or copper plates or other plates with a rotary saw or a vertical saw. In the mid-1980s, the rubber sheet with acrylic sheet (plexiglass) was a typical material at that time. But now it has developed into metal plates, copper plates, aluminum plates and other materials. In order to show the three-dimensional effect of small characters, it has been applied to acrylic (plexiglass) materials. Although the engraved sign does not have the point of body lighting or font lighting, it can express the text content on its own. Rubber engraving signs, copper plates engraving signs. Acrylic acid plate (plexiglass) engraving signs. A) Main materials. The main materials for engraving signs are: rubber plate, copper plate, wood board, and any plate that can be cut with a saw can be used as The main material for engraving signs. ——Aluminum sheet-AVS board-rubber sheet-copper-acrylic sheet.

  2. PC sheets processing manual method

  2. Paste computer or hand-finished patterns on the board. Put the patterned board on the rotary saw, and cut off the parts other than the required part. Follow the pattern line of the manuscript and cut it off with a rotary saw. After finishing the above work, peel off the pattern paper attached to the board and sweep away the scraps of the board.

   These two acrylic processing (plexiglass) methods are described in detail above.

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