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Made of sun sun room is too hot in summer do?

by:UNQ     2020-10-19
1226 sun plate with transparent, good lighting features, has become a very common building materials, use it to make the sunshine board is a good solution. Is also making sun room, is the glass are used before, but this kind of design in the hot summer is always going to have some problems, mainly is the control of the temperature. How to realize the sun room summer cooling purposes? First of all, of course, from building materials, and the use of cooling material, both to have glass pervious to light quality, at the same time can also have the role of insulation and cooling, it can choose only polycarbonate sheet. Some users to save costs will directly in the glass insulation film, but this is the effect of temperature and uv, but can reduce sun room is transparent texture. Sun room design has many advantages, but particularly in high temperature season will be exposed some defects that hot. Besides through the use of insulating material, also can adjust the indoor temperature ventilated breathe freely through design, also is in the sun room add ventilation facilities, will the upper space of heat and moisture to the outside world. To replace sun room materials with polycarbonate sheet, and set the vents, the temperature is not enough and comfortable, it can only use the hardware equipment cooling, is to install air conditioning. Or all kinds of plants in the sun room, this is also a good choice, green plant is a natural temperature regulator. Looks good coin has two sides, although with polycarbonate sheet make sunshine room looks very perfect, but can only really feel having experienced some disadvantages, by reasonable way to improve.
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