Luxury Stargazing Bubble Dome | 360-Degree Panoramic View

Having a stargazing bubble dome where you can see the blue sky, white clouds and bright stars when looking up has become the desire of more and more people. In the bubble dome, it is not afraid of mosquito bites in summer and is warm like spring in winter. It is an excellent choice for those who love outdoor camping. At the same time, many families and business people have also shown great interest in bubble domes, and the demand for them in various travel industries has also soared.

What is bubble dome?

As an innovative and stargazing space, bubble dome has good outdoor intimacy. It has a novel and romantic appearance, shaped like a bubble ball, equipped with polycarbonate solid sheet and aluminum frame. Bubble dome adopts the dome design, which can increase its structural stability and make it more secure. At the same time, the bubble dome can bring users a 360-degree transparent viewing experience, allowing users to enjoy the outdoor panoramic view and get close to nature. Escape the noise of the outside world and enjoy stargazing in comfort.

What are the features of the bubble dome?

The series of bubble dome products have diameters of 2.1/3.3/3.5/3.7/4/4.5/5/5.3/9m and other specifications, and products of different specifications can be used in combination with each other. The products have high flexibility in use and can meet diversified application requirements.

· 360° transparent, full view to enjoy the outdoor scenery.

· Anti-ultraviolet. UV coating can effectively improve the weather resistance and service life of the product. At the same time, UV coating can also reduce UV damage to indoor users and furniture.

· Modular and quick assembly, low installation cost. When operating as a hotel or restaurant, the installation period is short, and it can be put into use quickly with low investment and high return.

· Safe and secure. Dome-shaped structure design, stable structure, can resist typhoon level 10. With high impact resistance and good protection performance, it is a reliable safe shelter when used in the field.

· Structure waterproof. Tile-type lap joint method, the structure is waterproof, and the rainproof effect is excellent.

· Free stitching. It can realize free splicing between star houses of different specifications, with high flexibility, and theoretically, infinite splicing methods can be realized. For homestays, transparent hotels, camps and other application places, a variety of living spaces can be created, with a high degree of freedom of application.

· Multi-scenario application. Transparent hotels, transparent restaurants, transparent bars, activity centers, book bars, yoga rooms, children’s playgrounds, etc. Spread your imagination and go DIY.

What are the differences between bubble domes and other similar products?

Category/NameTent Bubble DomeAir Bubble House
MaterialOrdinary fabric
(easily damaged)
Polycarbonate sheet
(strong and sturdy)
Thin soft plastic film
(easy to age and damage)
Sun/cold protectionThe same temperature difference as outdoorWith UV coating, UV protection, no odor, good sealingThe temperature in the house is high, and it is easy to release toxic substances in the summer.
Sound insulationNo soundproofingIt is a sound insulation material itself.Need to be inflated all the time, loud noise
Water/fireproofFlammable and easy-to-enter waterPhysical waterproof structure, and can be self-extinguishing away from fireUnbreakable and waterproof, if broken, a lot of water will flood
Withstand harsh conditionsCan’t stand the hurricaneCan carry typhoons level 10Can’t stand the hurricane
CleanlinessDue to the material, it is not easy to cleanRinse with a high-pressure water gunDifficult and expensive to clean
Service life1 to 2 years10 to 15 years3 to 5 years

Bubble dome tent for sale

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