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List the sunshine board has good waterproof proof

by:UNQ     2020-10-30
2076 sunshine board as building materials and decoration materials, the application effect is to everyone, but if the waterproofing material to use, the effect? Of sunshine board waterproof, the use of products in many ways is very good to prove it, small make up can give you a lot. Such as: 1, to make the canopy from polycarbonate sheet, carport, because the device is the most important feature of the rain, so the use of material must have a performance that is waterproof, that is choosing polycarbonate sheet, is surely because the sun made of polycarbonate plate has excellent waterproof, this material to be the first choice of the canopy. 2, made of sunshine board sun room, although the construction of the sun room is to use the plank to pervious to light quality to enjoy more of the sun, but if it's waterproof is not good, who is leaking sun room will be like? Now choose sunshine board to build a sun room, must take a fancy to it is also a kind of waterproof material. 3, such as building roofs, shelters, greenhouses and other facilities in use sunshine board, don't have proved that the sunshine board in addition to the pervious to light waterproof.
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