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Light transmittance of PC endurance plate and insulation performance

by:UNQ     2020-10-03
944 solid PC endurance plate and hollow sunshine board, its transmissivity will increase with the thickness of the slightly lower. Endurance plate margin not big, but sun plate decline will have great changes, the main reason lies in the polycarbonate sheet for multilayer structure, middle hollow hole, light through the reflection of each layer will lead to a great difference to light transmittance. PC endurance plate and thickness is the same, the complicate structure will also have great influence on light transmittance of plank, as the three meters fonts, four layers of cellular form, such as diamond, six or even eight layer, its structure is complex, the refraction of light path is more complex, the light transmittance great changes will happen naturally. We must not only consider when choosing plate to its properties, such as impact resistance, heat preservation, but also to comprehensively consider the light transmittance of plank, PC sheets core function is the architectural lighting, after all. If the PC endurance plate compared with high-density plate, single adornment that can see obvious differences on one hand, PC endurance plate is easy to finish processing, all kinds of paint, paint, etc can be evenly on the board, in addition to strong alkaline paint. At the same time, normal manufacturer production PC endurance plate physical ductility can be very good, does not exist the problem of dehydration. PC board with high endurance holding nail force is good, it is more convenient to use, look carefully PC endurance plate can be found that the surface is very bright and clean, all kinds of decorative panels, film, maps and other material can be posted on the PC endurance plate surface; If is hard PC endurance plate, after coining and borehole can be made into sound-absorbing board, used in every field of architectural decoration. Adornment respect for high-density plate, are mostly used to produce skirting board, door cover plate, window sill board, etc. , and plate of the six sides need to brush the paint evenly, so that can let the plank be affected with damp be affected with damp or have no deformation temperature changes; Once encountered strong acid, the internal structure of density board will be damaged, appear the phenomenon of corrosion. PC endurance plate in bending strength and impact strength are better than high density board, and plate on the surface of the decorative performance is good, is better than appearance of solid wood furniture, so is worth using. The service life of the polycarbonate sheet length key above the layer, instead of depending on how many layer, so a lot of people think that the more sunshine board layer, the good is not very correct. Users want to use multilayer polycarbonate sheet, is nothing more than to insulation, strong support, but as long as it is now qualified sunshine board, has the characteristic of this area.
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