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Learn how to longitudinal or transverse cutting sunshine board

by:UNQ     2020-11-05
1586 practical application method of cutting process is bound to polycarbonate sheet, in order to satisfy the requirement in shape and size, but the sunshine board of distinguished by longitudinal and transverse cutting, cutting way and the effect is different, so before operation must first to confirm this. Don't know you to sunshine board on the direction of the two kinds of cutting understand? Some longitudinal cutting is relatively simple, only need to respectively on the front of the polycarbonate sheet with wallpaper knife down stare blankly muscles gently open is ok, there is no other requirement. And transverse cutting, in order to achieve the ideal state of cutting, to cushion a square tube at the bottom of the sunshine board, and on them were also put a square tube, and two pipe to make the alignment. Then, down the party work wallpaper knife draw a mark, draw a time aligned and turn it over again, and then sunshine board can be bent, to achieve the required shape and size. You can choose the suitable cutting way according to their actual requirements, and proper operation.
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