Join UNQ at WORLDBEX MARCH 16th to19th in 2023

The Philippines Manila Building and Construction Exhibition

One of Asia’s largest building and construction exhibitions, Worldbex, will be opening in March! Due to our strong connection with construction materials, garden and landscaping, etc., we will be participating in this event.
Local wholesalers of polycarbonate sheets or other parts of the World are welcome to visit the UNQ booth, we have brought novelty products that will surely give you some surprises.

Exhibition Details

Focused on building good business deals among stakeholders, this Worldbex event showcases construction machinery, building materials, building hardware, HVAC bathroom, garden and landscaping tools and accessories, DIY home improvement kits and much more.

Available Time: March 16-19, 2023

Host City: Manila

Exhibition Cycle: Once a year

UNQ’s booth
Booth No: SF17
on the second floor

Our booth was deliberately chosen to be at the entrance of the showroom because we think it’s more memorable, just like our products – shopping around UNQ is still your choice.

UNQ Worldbex booth number

Products brought to the Worldbex

According to the suggestions of local customers in Southeast Asia, the polycarbonate sheets we carry are Diamond Embossed sheet/Corrugated polycarbonate sheet/Multiwall polycarbonate sheet/honeycomb polycarbonate sheet/profiles and hardware, etc.

Polycarbonate multi-wall panels for roofs/greenhouses can be seen everywhere in the local area, and we have many distributors in Southeast Asia. Compared with the polycarbonate sheet sold locally, UNQ’s exhibition products with pro quality, pro creativity, and pro beauty, but the price is still beautiful. Our advantage lies in: as a manufacturer of polycarbonate sheet, we can give customers Provide more support, OEM customized service, quantity and packaging, etc.
In addition to the polycarbonate sheets mentioned above, we also carry canopy products – an umbrella/parasol for your porch.

After knowing the product overview above, are you already looking forward to seeing our products in person? so please come to our booth!

Southeast Asia Tour

Prior to this, Ms. Xu Lan, the founder of UNQ, the general director of the factory, Director Xu, and the two managers of the foreign trade department, Nero and Sabrina, visited many customers in Southeast Asia(Philippines/Vietnam/Bangkok, Thailand, etc.). The purpose is to visit the Southeast Asian market and gain an in-depth understanding of the market and customers. We innovate on the basis of maintaining excellent technologies, and we improve on deficiencies. Let UNQ become the first choice for customers to purchase polycarbonate sheets.

southeast asia tour of UNQ

Why the Philippines for our first stop?

  • The Philippines is an emerging industrial country and one of the emerging markets in the world. With a population of over 100 million, the Philippines has a large enough consumer market and a lot of potentials.
  • The Philippine economy is a typical economy with extremely high domestic demand.
  • Worldbex has been held for several sessions, providing opportunities and development for exhibitors and customers.
  • We have local clients that we can visit on the way.



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