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Is there any reason to refuse to endurance wall curtain used?

by:UNQ     2020-11-15
1124 although the building is in the majority with glass curtain wall, but the advantage of endurance plate curtain wall has a slightly to know, but still need further analysis, in order to further grasp the endurance plate curtain wall instead of glass curtain wall is a kind of development trend, is good for everything. If used in endurance plate curtain wall construction, can reduce the traditional concrete wall of steel, concrete use, to reduce energy use building materials of save energy, resources, there is a lot of help. At the same time, the endurance plate curtain wall as building perimeter protection wall, can have a lot of heat transfer, heat transfer effect, reduce the heat loss, achieve energy saving purpose. Endurance plate curtain wall is the every important part in the science of mechanics calculation, after the process is not only considered wind pressure, weight, earthquake, the influence of the temperature effect on the curtain wall system, but also on the built-in parts, connection system, keel system, panel and fastener check carefully, to ensure the safety of the curtain wall. General endurance plate curtain wall USES is floating connection, both to ensure the recovery after curtain wall deformation ability, at the same time to ensure the integrity of the curtain wall and doesn't make the curtain wall deformation caused by the force, avoid the happening of curtain wall drum convex or concave surface. In addition, the endurance plate curtain wall installation flatness of plate plays a decisive effect. Plate all the strong points of different trap formed surface deformation of the material influence exteriors, so strong measures necessary to receive distance of the plates impacted solid way to ensure that endurance plate curtain wall surface roughness. One more thing, once use endurance plate curtain wall, also can decrease the rate of window area, but at the same time, will not affect the appropriate natural lighting, it is also an energy saving.
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