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Is there any deformation in cold bending of pc board processing?

by:UNQ     2021-03-10

   processing, cold bending will produce a certain amount of permanent deformation, and the magnitude of the deformation depends on the thickness of the board. There will be a certain degree of relaxation after cold bending. It is best to have an excessive bending of about 25% for the . After a few days, the internal and external forces should be balanced to obtain the final shape. Cold bending of the , The tools must be sharp and sharp. There should be 1~2 days of relaxation time after cold bending, and the material can be installed; do not reduce the angle of cold bending during installation, and do not force the PC board to the installation position; cold bending processing The speed should be fast, so that the effect will be better for the patterned sheet. Perform cold bending on the patterned side to make the patterned side bear pressure. In order to control the rebound, it is recommended to use PC sheet with a thickness of 6mm or less. .


   hot bending processing, hot bending processing is the use of heating equipment to perform local single-sided heating or local double-sided heating at the position where the PC board needs to be bent, generally According to the choice of thickness, it is better to use partial double-sided heating for pc boards above 5mm. I often encounter customers asking questions about bubbles and crystal points in the heating part of the . This does have a lot to do with the bending technology of the , but it is undeniable that it has a big relationship with the itself. In order to save costs, many customers buy low-priced, recycled-material pc boards, which greatly affects the bending effect of pc boards

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