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Is the thicker the pc board processing endurance board, the more durable it?

by:UNQ     2021-03-14

  Customers often ask questions like this: Is the thicker the more durable? Is the thicker the endurance board for pc board processing, the better? I want to build a breeding shed. What thickness should I choose? I will tell you today. , The thickness of PC endurance board will bring you what advantages and disadvantages.

   Endurance board has a high light transmittance, with a light transmittance of 88%. It is currently the first choice for lighting materials. The transparency is comparable to glass. In modern society, endurance boards are used in more and more places, such as breeding sheds. , Light box advertising, noise barriers, etc., but how thick is the endurance board suitable?

   Endurance board advantages: high light transmittance, anti-aging, Impact resistance, not broken, etc.; if the endurance board is used for stable maintenance, the service life can be more than ten years, and the same is true for the endurance board ceiling. But there is a disadvantage, that is, the price is relatively expensive. The thicker the endurance board, the higher the price, which is unacceptable to many customers. Therefore, when choosing an endurance board, do not blindly think that the thicker the endurance board, the better, and that it is good to meet our purposes and needs.

   Under normal circumstances, the 5.5mm endurance board used in the roof of the endurance board is processed by the pc board, and UV coating is applied to the face of the sun, which can greatly increase the life of the endurance board without causing yellowing , Fogging, poor light transmission and other undesirable phenomena.

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