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Is the service life of the solar panel processed by the pc board related to the number of layers of the solar panel?

by:UNQ     2021-03-29

  The more layers of pc polycarbonate sheet, the better the effect, the longer the practical life?

The cost of    processing PC polycarbonate sheet multi-layer board is higher than that of two-layer board because it uses more materials, so it is quoted It is also much higher, but if the materials used are not increased in proportion to the multi-layer board, the wall thickness of the multi-layer board will become thinner and affect the use of the solar panel. The key to the life of the solar panel is the top layer, not the number of layers. Therefore, the multi-layer panel does not extend the service life, but affects the life of the canopy with arched curvature. In general, the cost of multi-layer solar panels is higher than that of two-layer solar panels, but it is not as effective as two-layer solar panels. However, there are special circumstances. Therefore, the number of layers of solar panels should be selected according to the specific circumstances. With the same amount of raw materials, thicker boards will be thicker than multilayer boards. The thicker the thickness, the longer the life of the solar board. If the space is too small, the height is too short, the support frame is too thin, or the screen material is used in this case, you can choose to thicken the board.

  PC endurance board is often installed by non-professional operators because of its light weight, flexibility, easy connection, and easy cutting. Do less water pressure test, once the sudden downpour in summer, it is easy to cause water leakage. The expansion coefficient of the plastic sheet is larger than that of the steel pipe, and sufficient compensation margin should be reserved when used for outdoor lighting purposes. PC sheets processing engineering users often take into account when designing drawings, and problems are not easy to occur, but among the room decoration users, there are often cases of water leakage or cracking of the endurance board due to expansion. The insulation and protection of outdoor PC endurance boards has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in northern my country and is also highly valued; currently, most of the freezing and water leakage phenomena are in Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces in East China. These places are non-heating areas in winter. Generally, it does not freeze, but if it encounters freezing that occurs once in ten years, the board is often damaged due to the omission of heat preservation measures.

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