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Is the endurance board used in the sun room or tempered glass?

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
Both PC endurance board and glass are common lighting building materials on the market. PC endurance board and glass have their own advantages and disadvantages. So should the sun room use endurance board or tempered glass? Let's find out with the PC sheets manufacturer... PC sheets and glass are common lighting building materials on the market now. PC endurance board and glass have their own advantages and disadvantages. So should the sun room use endurance board or tempered glass? Let's find out with the PC sheets manufacturer below. Both PC endurance board and glass are common daylighting building materials on the market. PC sheets and glass have their own advantages and disadvantages. The weight of the PC endurance board is about 1/3 of the glass of the same specification, and the price is about 2-3 times. For example, if the thickness of the PC endurance board is 4.5mm, the glass thickness of about 10mm can be purchased at the same price. The PC endurance board is lighter than glass, and can be bent, which makes it suitable for small spaces and special angles. It can be used in various spaces and is convenient for construction. Under the same thickness, PC endurance board has better sound insulation effect than glass at high frequency. Nowadays, glass also has special functional glass such as tempered glass, and the risk of glass construction is much lower than before. However, even tempered glass, in strong winds and earthquakes, there is a risk of the whole glass breaking, even special glass, breaking It will still cause harm from time to time. On the contrary, the PC endurance board has no such problem. The strength of the PC endurance board is 250 times that of ordinary glass, and it is 50-100 times stronger than tempered glass. The PC endurance board has strong toughness, even if it is hit with a hammer, there is no chipping. For the hazard, the acceptable impact strength per unit area is 91kgf-cm/cmofnotch, and the compressive strength is 739kgf/cm^2. It is indeed an excellent building material for areas with frequent earthquakes and strong winds. When glass is used as a building material, the glue method is often used to combine two thinner glasses into a thicker glass. The glue film in the middle may become brittle and cause safety problems after prolonged exposure to the sun. There is often a concept of weather resistance and durability for glass, and there is no in-depth understanding of the problem that glass may break after long exposure. In addition, when glass is used in building materials, glue materials such as Silicone are often used as adhesives for caulking and joining. However, for example, Silicone will harden and become brittle over time, resulting in insufficient adhesion of the glued area, which is affected by external forces. Under impact or strong wind, it is easy to cause the glass to shatter and cause casualties or asset loss. Taking coastal areas as an example, it is easier to accept the windward side of a typhoon, and the building accepts stronger wind, and glass is less used for construction. Take the Japanese region as an example. Because of the frequent occurrence of strong earthquakes in Japan, the buildings often use PC endurance panels as their lighting materials. Since cheap PC endurance boards in the market often use recycled materials to reduce production costs and lower prices to compete, their neglect of quality makes ordinary people have the impression that PC endurance boards are prone to yellowing and are not durable, and endurance The PC endurance board produced by Bayer's high-quality brand-new raw materials by the Board Co., Ltd. is guaranteed to last for more than 10 years. Compared with glass, PC board has a larger thermal expansion coefficient, which is about three to six times that of glass. Although glass is more fragile, its hardness is also higher than PC sheets, and it is less scratched or rubbed during transportation. Compared with PC boards, there are advantages and disadvantages to the fog caused by injuries. Glass with a finer surface is less likely to absorb dust. Generally, commercially available PC boards have relatively large pores, so it is easy to cause the PC to feel dirty after adsorbing dust. Only similar UV boards and other high-quality boards have relatively pores. Careful, there will be no such problem. The light transmittance is about 5% less than that of glass. Therefore, glass is the choice of most people in scenic spots and landscape terraces that must emphasize landscape rather than safety, but PC boards are used in areas where safety must be emphasized, such as lighting balconies and garages In places where people often go in and out, where there are people moving underneath, PC boards are actually the best choice for construction. Article Source: Manufacturers
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