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Is the display rack processed by plexiglass expensive?

by:UNQ     2021-03-22

  Everyone should know that the material of plexiglass is environmentally friendly, and the unit price of the finished display stand made of plexiglass is determined by: the quality of the plexiglass itself, the thickness, and the ease of display.

   plexiglass panels are divided into: extruded and cast panels. The extruded panels are relatively cheap. The transparency of the extruded panels is only 92% or more, and there are some pitting on the edges, but the extruded panels The advantage is that the tolerance is small. The transparency of the cast board is relatively high, up to 98 or more, the surface is flat, the side is not yellow, completely transparent, and there is no impurities, the price of the cast board will be slightly higher.

The advantages of    plexiglass processing display rack:

   The service life of plexiglass processing can reach 5-8 years, but with the development of new products, many Exclusive display racks have also been eliminated. Therefore, the design of plexiglass processing display racks needs to be considered for a long time. It needs to be able to change the slogan anytime and anywhere, so that the products can be replaced at will throughout the year, and the display is still the original display rack. Is the most cost-effective.

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