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Is plexiglass processing equal to acrylic

by:UNQ     2021-04-02

  plexiglass processing' is derived from the trade name 'Oroglas' which means 'Organic Glass'. As mentioned earlier, 'Oroglas' is a kind of PMMA sheet, namely acrylic sheet. Others think that transparent plastic plates are plexiglass. To avoid confusion and mistakes, PMMA plates are now mostly referred to as acrylic plates, and various PMMA materials are generally referred to as acrylic or acrylic.

   Types of plexiglass acrylic sheet (acrylic sheet):

   plexiglass processing acrylic sheet can be divided into pure according to the transmittance Transparent board, color transparent board, translucent board (such as milky white board) and opaque board (such as color board); according to the surface gloss, it can be divided into high-gloss board, silk-gloss board and matte board (also called frosted board); according to the characteristics of acrylic The board can also be divided into ordinary board, anti-ultraviolet board, flame retardant board and high wear-resistant board and so on.

  Acrylic sheet (acrylic sheet) is divided into Gast Sheet and Extruded Sheet according to the polymerization process. Among them, the cast sheet has higher molecular weight, more rigidity and more crack resistance, so It is more suitable for processing large-size signs. In addition, the caster is more suitable for producing small batches of plates with different colors. The extruded plate has a low molecular weight and high flexibility. It is suitable for vacuum forming. The extruder can better control the thickness of the plate. It is easier to produce large quantities of monochromatic panels.

  Acrylic is the best new material for sanitary ware after ceramics. As a special kind of plexiglass, acrylic can also be used in aircraft windshields and used for decades in harsh environments. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, besides the unparalleled high brightness, acrylic has the following advantages: good toughness, not easy to break; strong repairability, as long as you use a soft foam dipped in toothpaste, you can wipe new sanitary ware; soft texture, not available in winter Cool and piercing feeling; bright colors, which can meet the individual pursuit of different tastes. The acrylic basin, bathtub, and toilet are not only exquisite in style, durable, but also environmentally friendly. The radiation is different from the radiation level of the human body's own bones. Few.

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