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Is PC endurance board poisonous?

by:UNQ     2021-03-26

  PC endurance board is non-toxic, transparent, heat-resistant, and dimensionally stable. It is widely used in the United States to make bottles, microwave oven containers and tableware, storage cabinets, etc. The largest market for PC endurance boards in the packaging field is the non-disposable water bottles used in drinking fountains, which are estimated to increase by 19,000 tons per year. In the next few years, it will maintain relatively rapid development.

  The production of modern automobiles pursues the requirements of safety, environmental protection, energy saving, light weight and beauty. Parts made of PC endurance board can meet its beauty, energy saving and low cost. It is suitable for making automobile headlights, windshields, instrument panels, automobile decoration parts, automobile bases, etc., and its excellent properties such as easy forming and processing, light weight, etc., are favored by automobile manufacturing companies in the world.

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