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Is PC endurance board easy to process?

by:UNQ     2021-03-14


   is the use of tools to cut, drill, and engrave the wrench. Cold bending method for endurance board processing is a relatively common method, but this method is aimed at The processing requirements are relatively simple, such as changes in the angle or radian of the plate, as long as the endurance board is bent, and the processing direction of the angle and radian is enough.


  Two thermoforming processing

   Thermoforming: the opposite is the blister method, which is actually implemented It has a certain degree of difficulty. If the requirements for transparency and average thickness are not high, it will be easier to handle. PC endurance board is a thermoplastic plastic material, so it can be heated to soften it and reshape it into the required shape. Either an oven or an electric heater can soften the endurance board, and the heating temperature is about 150~200℃, then put it on the mold to be formed, and it will be finished after cooling. In addition, it can also be used for stretching molding, usually using a mold, and then applying hot pressing, vacuum or blister molding. Regardless of the method of pc board processing, it still depends on the surrounding environment and actual requirements, so that the endurance board obtained is a product that can meet our requirements. Continuously pursuing new, special and excellent products, with strong technical force, modern sophisticated equipment, efficient management mode, strict quality monitoring system, and perfect quality assurance system, to provide customers all over the world with first-class products and first-class services !

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