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Introduction to the five structures of plexiglass processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-29

  Plexiglass processing polymethacrylate cresol contains polar side methyl groups, which has strong moisture absorption properties. Generally, the water absorption rate must be dry for acrylic sheets. The drying conditions are 78℃-80℃ for 5-6h 1. Plexiglass is made of polymethacrylate cresol. 2. Plexiglass is an invisible polymer, and the shrinkage range is decreasing, generally 0.45%-0.9. Therefore, it provides good conditions for the molding accuracy of acrylic production. Generally, the molding is very accurate. Third, the adaptability of polymethyl methacrylate cresol to ambient temperature does not have ordinary fluidity, but non-Newtonian fluidity. Therefore, in the case of high temperature, the viscosity of plexiglass will be reduced, which is organic An indication that glass is very sensitive to temperature. 4. The temperature of plexiglass in the process of flowing is generally around 150°C, but when the plexiglass starts to decompose, the temperature is higher than 270°C, so it is still very flexible in terms of temperature changes and will not be affected by temperature. The impact of production, high temperature resistance is the characteristic of plexiglass. 5. Plexiglass also has good cutting performance. It can be processed by laser cutting with good size and clear conditions. It is simple and high in quality. This feature is not available in glass. Therefore, acrylic can accept various environments of high temperature and low temperature. Consumers don’t have to worry about temperature at all during the production process.

Plexiglass processing. High transparency. Plexiglass is currently the best polymer transparent material, with a light transmittance of 92%, which is higher than that of glass. The lamp tube of the sun lamp for the artificial small sun is made of quartz. This is because quartz can completely transmit ultraviolet rays. Ordinary glass can only transmit 0.6% of ultraviolet rays, but the organic glass packaging box can transmit 73%. The mechanical strength is high. The relative molecular mass of plexiglass is about 2 million, a long-chain polymer compound, and the chain forming the molecule is very soft. Therefore, the strength of plexiglass is relatively high, and its tensile and impact resistance are 7-higher than ordinary glass. 18 times. There is a kind of plexiglass that has been heated and stretched, in which the molecular chains are arranged in a very orderly manner, which significantly improves the toughness of the material. Use nails to enter this plexiglass craft, even if the nail penetrates , There is no crack on the plexiglass. This kind of plexiglass will not be broken into pieces after being penetrated by a bullet. Therefore, the stretched plexiglass can be used as bulletproof glass and also used as a cockpit cover on military aircraft... Light weight. The density of plexiglass is 1.18g/cm³. The weight of the material of the same size is only half of ordinary glass, and metal aluminum (belonging to light metal) is 43%. It is easy to process. Plexiglass can not only be cut with a lathe, but can be drilled with a drill. Holes, and can be bonded into various shapes with acetone, chloroform, etc., and can also be processed into various shapes such as aircraft cockpit covers and small dentures and dental trays by blow molding, injection, extrusion and other plastic molding methods. Products.

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