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Introduction to the characteristics of the polycarbonate board on the sun board

by:UNQ     2021-03-14

    polycarbonate board manufacturers introduce the benefits and functions of the sun board

 1. The quality is very high and the service life is relatively long. There is no need to change frequently, or even every year, it can be used for decades, so it is relatively economical

  2, some even up to 90%, with relatively high light transmittance. Regardless of how many years its warranty period is, the light transmittance of the solar panel will be extremely low, and it will be stored for a long time.

   3. Sometimes the sun board is very hard due to the weather. Can resist many external impacts. There will be heavy storms, heavy snow, and strong winds and other natural phenomena, which can be well withstood.

  4. The sun board has two layers to protect against ultraviolet rays. One layer can protect against ultraviolet rays, and the other layer can resist condensation. Both layers can be used in growth environments that require higher ultraviolet rays.

   5. The temperature can be kept in winter, and the energy-saving performance of the solar panel is also relatively strong because it can keep cool air in summer. It can reduce heat loss and keep warm.

  6. According to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, it is not easy to condense. After research, it is shown that the materials of the sun board also prevent condensation.

  7. The solar panel can store solar energy and has a good constant temperature effect. This ability is very strong, a relatively high insulation material.

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