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Introduction to endurance plate after optimization and upgrading of the product - — Diamond plate

by:UNQ     2020-11-18
Since 1971 to develop endurance plate, and its application for its actual use effect of the reaction is very good, so the manufacturer and on this basis developed a diamond plate, its role is unknown? Don't let it follow wuxi board industry to test and verify. Diamond plate can be said to be the endurance plate a derivatives, it has the advantages of original endurance plate at the same time because of the particularity of the structure design and make the further expansion of its outstanding, especially in the area of light diffusion effect. The original transparent endurance plate it pervious to light quality is very strong, it has advantages and disadvantages, although the space of transparency has increased a lot after application, but from the plate effect will be more dazzling. And diamond plate is very good to overcome the disadvantages of this aspect, both has the transparency of the endurance plate, also has the effect to eliminate glare, not can make a person dazzling. This design of plank biggest bright spot is that it has a wide range of AoTuGan, so its thickness of the thinnest place also is the highest position, look very distinctive.
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