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Intelligent temperature control board the novel of the sunshine

by:UNQ     2020-10-28
1494 when choose lighting material, polycarbonate sheet is usually our first choice, but as the technology of products have become diversified, in addition to the ordinary PC sunshine board, and introduced a new kind of intelligent temperature sunshine board. Know that these two kinds of polycarbonate roofing sheets where the difference is? Although ordinary PC polycarbonate sheet has good performance, but because of the direct transmission, infrared light components and other materials of heat conduction, will lead to a relatively closed space in the air can produce heat accumulation. And intelligent temperature sunshine board is to overcome the disadvantages, a blend of the excellent properties of polycarbonate and after high-tech treatment, this new type of sunshine plate can be in the maximum transmission under the condition of visible light, automatically to adapt to climate change, maintain reasonable heat level, have the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. Because this kind of material in use that can reflect off a large number of infrared in the sun, thus improving the indoor excessive heat accumulation and the greenhouse effect, no matter how is the temperature of the outdoor, can coordinate the indoor temperature to a suitable level. So, intelligent temperature the effect of polycarbonate roofing sheets than normal PC sunshine board is more unique, of course the price will be higher.
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