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Installation skills of pc board processing products

by:UNQ     2021-03-27
Installation skills of processing products PC board has become an indispensable building material in our lives. To better utilize the functions of the PC board, the correct installation method is very important. So, let our editor introduce to you the installation skills of multi-layer processing products. First, we should take into account the characteristics of the PC board, and must not let the PC sheets directly contact the cement surface or cement wall during installation and construction; second, the UV surface of the four-layer processing product should face the direction of the sun. This surface must not be mistaken, and the protective film on the surface of the board must not be damaged during the installation process, but it must be torn off within 24 hours after completion. Third, when installing the four-layer PC board, it is necessary to reserve a proper expansion space at the joints of the four-layer PC board and pay attention to the depth of embedding. Fourth, during installation, suitable neutral filler and cushion materials must be selected, and PVC materials or waterproof tapes containing asphalt components must not be used. Fifth, if the size of the plate needs to be cut, the plate must be fixed to avoid vibration during the cutting process, and the cutting tool must use electric tools, so as to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cut. The installation skills of the processing products must leave an effective space in the connecting profile or in the inserting groove of the frame so that the sun board plate can be expanded and displaced under load. The linear thermal expansion coefficient of the hollow solar panel is 7×10m/mk, that is, for every 1℃ increase in temperature, the 1m×1m solar panel expands 0.075mm along the length direction. The user must calculate the temperature difference according to the four seasons and the transparent at the project location. Installation clearance data: For example, in the northern area, the highest temperature is 40℃, price is -30℃, the low temperature is -30℃, Taixing , 1m×1m board installation reserved clearance is 0.07×70u003d4.9mm processing products Installation skills, once the product is put into use, the following work is mainly maintenance, and cleaning is one of them, but as far as I know, not everyone can do the cleaning of PC boards. Then, let our editor teach you how to clean the PC board. 1. First of all, it is necessary to disable coarse cloth, dirty cloth, brushes, mops and other hard and sharp tools to clean the sun board; 2. It is recommended to use lukewarm (40 degrees Celsius) water; 3. Then wash with neutral detergent; 4. Use sponge or soft cloth to gently wash sassafras to remove dust; 5. Rinse the dirt cleaned by detergent with water; 6. Use soft cloth, sponge or suede sassafras to dry and polish to prevent water stains;
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