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Most public architecture has a large demand for daylighting. Polycarbonate panels are the best solution for this problem. It is up to 89% light transmission allowing for the transmission of enough natural light. Polycarbonate architectures greatly reduce artificial light and are eco-friendly. Clear polycarbonate sheet used for industrial glazing roof allowing the entry of diffused light and spaciousness inside the house.Transparency so the building has a dialogue between the inside and outside.

Besides, skylight polycarbonate is excellent impact resistance, has high flexibility, and is easy to bend. UNQ has designed a variety of polycarbonate sheets that offer the architecture or designer that can be customized with color or corrugated profile intended to improve thermal performance. UNQ skylight thickness from 2mm-20mm is easy to incorporate polycarbonate into skylight buildings.

As the skylight roof, polycarbonate sheets are popular for stadium roofs, warehouse roofs, swimming pools, shopping malls, trade cities, airports, and high-speed rail station roofs. We would like to show you some projects of UNQ polycarbonate.

The Features of Industrial Glazing Roof Skylight

Feature Listing
Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

Applications of Skylight & Industrial Glazing Roof Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate sheets are featured high light transmission, UV protection, and high impact resistance. Flexibility for shape. High thermal insulation.

ShanXi Jinzhong Roof of flyover

Projects Specifications:

Projects Name: ShanXi Jinzhong Roof of flyover

Product: 12mm Azure solid polycarbonate sheet

Application Type: Skylight

Total Product Usage: 2000㎡

The design of the circular flyover is novel and modern. The upper part adopts a steel box girder structure, and a roof is added to the circular shape, which is not only beautiful in shape, but also provides shade and rain protection, highlighting the humanized functional design. Polycarbonate sheets are high flexibility. It is the first passenger footbridge with a wind and rain corridor in Shanxi Province.

Projects Specifications:

Projects Name: Yunnan Swimming Pool Enclosure

Product:4mm,7.5mm sky-blue solid polycarbonate sheet

Application Type: Skylight

Total Product Usage: 2500㎡

The swimming pool enclosure adopts Lexan polycarbonate sheets for the roof and side. Sky blue polycarbonate adds elegance to the performance. UV protection, blocking 99% of harmful rays. It can be dome, rectangular, or gable shape. Most polycarbonate panels withstand harsh weather conditions.

Yunnan Swimming pool enclosure

Inspire Creative Architecture with UNQ

UNQ is professional in polycarbonate production, cut, package and installation. Our team always helps you find the best solution.

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