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In the sunshine board representative - — The effect of the thermal control panel

by:UNQ     2020-11-02
2474 sunshine board is a kind of use daylighting material produced by plate, it can achieve a good greenhouse effect, in this kind of excellent plate has a representative, the thermal control panel. And we are doing today focuses on this is the kind of plank, see its typical expression in what aspects? The daylighting of the thermal control panel is usually adopts the performance outstanding materials as raw materials, combined with lighting components and other materials can be heat accumulated in the air. And it is called a thermal control board, because it is can be lots of infrared reflection off in the sun, so that it can be very good to improve the indoor excessive heat accumulation, to ensure that the indoor temperature has remained in a suitable condition, enable people to enjoy the comfortable life environment. Compared with ordinary sun plate, the use of the thermal control panel is affected by the surrounding environment and climate conditions, is used in the sun room, the construction of the ecological space such as dining-room, greenhouses is very ideal. And relatively endurance plate, the representative of the polycarbonate sheet price is dominant.
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