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In the process of a variety of endurance plate cutting processing

by:UNQ     2020-11-25
2435 manufacturer produces endurance plate there are many kinds of specifications, but there are some occasions for specifications, shape requirements is more special, so don't order to save costs, to shear the endurance plate processing. Actual operation, the need to pay attention to what issues? When cutting board in patience, will inevitably produce some sawdust, if improper handling easily attached to the plate surface, late for cleaning more difficult. So in cutting, it is best to use sawdust dry compressed air to blow out of the groove, to ensure the endurance plate clean and tidy. On endurance plate cutting, make the most common cutting tool is a bow or circular saw, hand saw saws. If say fast cutting, size, or use the serration is suitable for circular saw blades. At the same time to ensure the stability of the sheet, in order to avoid scratch the surface, to ensure the integrity of the protective film.
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