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In-depth analysis of the impact resistance of pc board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-24

The thickness of    processing generally varies from 1mm to 18mm. Due to the characteristics of polycarbonate, in addition to the advantages of flame retardancy, transparency, and temperature adaptability, the endurance board has a unique advantage compared to other lighting boards, super impact resistance. The is a single-layer board made of polycarbonate particles after being melted and extruded. Here I can’t help asking, how strong is the impact resistance of PC boards? First, let’s look at a set of data: The impact strength of PC endurance boards is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 30 times that of acrylic boards of the same thickness, and tempered. 2-20 times that of glass. The receiving force of the PC sheets is 6 kg, which is 3 kg, which is equivalent to a half shot falling from a height of two meters. Of course, I haven't done any special experiments, but it is undeniable that the PC board is the best choice for the lighting board with the same function in the same environment. Combining the above, the pc endurance board can be used in the following environments, highway soundproof walls, basketball boards, plus frosted can be used as school blackboards, police shields, bulletproof glass, and even transparent water shields for large aquarium worlds, etc. Wait.

   Of course, in addition to the compression resistance, the flame retardant properties, temperature applicability, weather resistance, light material, flexibility and other characteristics of the also provide unlimited possibilities for the application of endurance boards. At present, PC boards have entered the market as a new type of material. With a wide range of uses and excellent characteristics, PC boards have been accepted by more and more people, and are gradually replacing other products with the same effect.

  According to material classification, noise barriers can be divided into the following categories: metal sound barriers (metal shutters, metal mesh holes) concrete sound barriers (lightweight concrete, high-strength concrete) PC Sound barrier, FRP sound barrier, etc. Among so many materials, where is the sound insulation wall made of PC endurance board?

   The processing of the PC sheets is impact resistant, unbreakable, high strength, toughness ** anti-theft, good bulletproof effect, round arching Flexibility, good workability, and strong plasticity. PC sheets high-speed noise barrier application case In the sound barrier project, especially in the sound barrier project of the rural viaduct, not only the sound insulation effect of the sound insulation board is required, but also the landscape effect and visual permeability are pursued, and the acceptance of the viaduct must also be considered. With the security of the barrier, the glass transparent sound insulation board is easily broken after being hit by the vehicle involved in the accident, and heavy and sharp glass fragments fall from the viaduct, which will pose a huge threat to pedestrians under the bridge. At this time, the PC endurance board is naturally It is the best choice, under the same thickness, the quality of the PC endurance board is only half of that of glass, and its impact strength is 250-300 times that of glass. The sound insulation effect is also higher than that of glass by 3-4DB. It can also be bent into an arch, semicircle, etc. according to actual construction conditions. More colors, more choices, more applications.

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