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In addition to the endurance plate other plank the authenticity of how to judge?

by:UNQ     2020-11-05
1956 use plank in our daily life much more special, however the sort of plate has a lot of, how to choose the suitable product, is needs certain knowledge. In numerous plank endurance plate, plate and other products are the most common sunshine, because these are necessary for home decoration and the construction site. In addition also use to plywood, it is a kind of what kind of products? The plywood that sells on the market are generally belongs to the class of wood plate, compared with endurance plate, polycarbonate sheet and other products, the difference is very big. In terms of craftsmanship, plywood is the mu xin board staining after processing is the plywood, its category mainly depends on the quality of the materials used. Consumers in choosing a plywood, you can feel with the hand plank under the weight of, compared with the weight of the poplar core plywood is comparatively light. Or by observing the toughness of the plate is recognized, cypress wood core plywood is more soft, easy to deformation in the mire.
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