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Improper operation become sunshine board lethal factors

by:UNQ     2020-11-03
1834 although the service life of the sunshine board is limited, but as long as the correct use and reasonable maintenance also can be to do much, but the actual situation is the life of the sunshine board in continuously shortened, this is how to return a responsibility? cut a big part of life that is because of the influence of artificial factors, such as processing, use, storage in the process of improper operation, the sunshine board damaged. Some users will sunshine board after buying back, in carries on the processing used when there is no suitable way, makes the plate is damaged. And no attention to the role of material surface protective film, once it is damaged or remove the material appearance may be scratches. For no immediate use of sunshine board, also not a good store, but direct accumulation, also did not take into account the surrounding environmental factors, such a material due to corrosion and reduce the service life of it is not surprising. And these can be artificially controlled, in order to guarantee the use effect and service life of the polycarbonate sheet, must pay attention to protect.
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