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Impact resistance of PC board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-31

  Physical properties and mechanical properties of processing The toughness and impact resistance of plus tools is 250 times stronger than traditional glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic. Tensile strength: PC board has good heat resistance, so even at 120 degrees Celsius, its tensile strength is still 350Kgf/cm2. Resistance to this strength and flexural modulus: PC board has good flexural resistance, even if the bending angle reaches 80~90 Degree, still does not break. Anti-fatigue and anti-creep resistance: The anti-creep resistance of the is one of the thermoplastic plastics. Even at high temperatures, the creep resistance is still small, and the stress relaxation is also small.

  The thermal deformation temperature of the thermal PC board of the PC board processing manufacturer is 136 degrees Celsius, and its continuous applicable temperature is about 120 degrees Celsius. Coefficient of linear expansion: One of the synthetic resins with a smaller coefficient of linear expansion. Embrittlement temperature: The embrittlement temperature of PC is extremely low compared with general plastics, which is -40 degrees Celsius, and the continuous applicable temperature is about -30 degrees Celsius. Flammability: PC board is one of the flame-retardant plastics, it will not produce toxic gas when heated at high temperature.

   processing is suitable for agricultural greenhouses and breeding sheds; suitable for modern ecological restaurant ceilings; suitable for bicycle sheds, balcony sunshade canopies and roof rest pavilions in all units or communities Shed; suitable for daylighting ceilings of office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities. The thermal conductivity of processing is not much different from that of general synthetic resin. It is 1/4 of glass, 1/300 of iron, 1/300 of aluminum, and 1/2000 of copper. It is a material with good thermal insulation. Optical properties Light transmittance: The light transmittance of 1mm thick PC sheets is 90%, and the light transmittance of 5mm thickness is 85%, so it is equivalent to glass. Weather resistance: Generally, PC is exposed outdoors for a long time, and it will cause yellowing and surface deterioration if exposed to ultraviolet rays.

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