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If you want to fill your house with sunlight, how can you do without a PC skylight!

If you want to fill your house with sunlight, how can you do without a PC skylight!

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Large-area, large-space structures such as train stations, sports stadiums, convention centers, airport terminals, etc, they keep pursuing a comfortable environment with energy-saving construction design. So that’s why the polycarbonate boards are widely used in the roofing of those large-space structures. For one thing, the polycarbonate boards have UV resistance, which keep the roof against the sun. For the other thing, the boards can be used to protect the roof from rain. However, while you are installing the pc sheets, some kind tips need to be kept in mind, which will help you a lot. Here we go!

PC board daylighting skylight

Pre-installation work

Before installation, firstly number and classify the plates according to the construction drawing; mark the positioning of each plate on the supporting purlin; set up the platform for construction and provide safety protection; for the plates that have been cut on site, they must be sealed with aluminum sealing tape to prevent dust and insects from entering the plate.

The installation units of the roof should be divided accurately by steel wire and the installation position of PC board should be marked.

PC board curtain wall system

PC board cutting and processing

Cutting tools: sharp knives, band saws, wire saws, bow line hacksaws and portable electric saws can be used for cutting various PC board; circular saws should preferably use carbide tungsten saw blades, the two sides of the saw blade staggered teeth tilt angle set to 45 °, the pressure is minimal, the cutting quality is best; generally best to use band saws or wire saws.

Cutting operation: operation should be as close as possible to the PC board walking saw to reduce twisting and off-line, cutting before the table must be set or installed, and set up a reliable clamping device.

Do not remove the protective film when cutting to avoid damaging the film and the board outside the kerf of the saw; the board must be clamped on the movable platform of the saw. Keep the table surface close to avoid chattering and the resulting rough working surface: after starting the saw blade, advance the board and start sawing; feed speed. Keep natural, do not accelerate forcibly to avoid the saw blade heat, material bonding and saw tooth blocking. When approaching the end, slow down the sawing speed to avoid the cutting angle of the board.

The sawdust should be blown out of the groove of multi-layer board by vacuum cleaner or air compressor at any time, but it should be noted that the accumulated water in the air-water separator of air compressor should be released in time, and the water vapor should never be brought into the groove of the board.

After cutting the pc board, use aluminum foil dustproof tape to seal the edges in time. When the pc boards are placed for a long time, in order to avoid the mildew in the multi-layer groove, we must use breathable dustproof tape.

PC board lighting exterior walls

Storage and transportation of PC boards

The PC board should be stored indoors and not allowed to be exposed to direct sunlight or rain; the stacking should be flat and not exceed 2m in height, no heavy objects should be pressed on the board and no hard objects should be placed between the boards; the storage area should be kept clean and dry to avoid dust intrusion, and no other chemical substances should be stored indoors at the same time; the protective film should not be damaged or removed during storage; during transportation, the PC board should be placed flat on a clean pallet with an area larger than the board to avoid vibration and slippage; the edges of the board should be protected from damage, and the protective film on both sides should be kept intact.

The PC board should be transported from the ground to the roof by crane; the basket should be wrapped with soft material protection to prevent the PC board from being damaged; The PC board be transported horizontally on the roof mainly by manual handling; the surface of the board should be protected when lifting the board and no sharp objects should be touched to avoid scratching the board; the board and accessories should be transported as a whole in one working area to ensure that the stacking order and the stacking place of the board can match the on-site construction.

PC board wall surface

Construction Notes

Both sides of the PC board are covered with PE protective film, and the side with printed logo is the UV-protected surface, which must face the sun during installation.

During the installation process, construction workers should not stand directly on the PC board.

PC board can be bent, which means that it can bent into a smooth curved shape.

Once the PC board is installed, immediately remove the protective film. If it is necessary to continue to protect the surface of the board, it should be removed first and then re-covered in order to avoid direct sunlight for a long time, and the phenomenon of glue transfer.

In the process of making and installing the PC board, do not tear the protective film completely, but just tear 5cm along the side to be processed, and cover it in time after processing.

The end of the board cannot be exposed to air for a long period and must be sealed in a proper way to prevent the entry of the dust and bugs.

PC board daylighting canopy

PC board daylighting canopy has soft lighting, no spots and hot spots, and is easy to maintain. During the daytime, natural light can enter the building through the panels, and at night, the lighting inside the building can illuminate the sky through the panels, giving people a sense of security. A dreamy feeling.


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