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If you don't choose the right sealant, the Polycarbonate sheets will suffer!

If you don't choose the right sealant, the Polycarbonate sheets will suffer!

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Polycarbonate sheets are becoming increasingly common as transparent daylighting materials in roofing systems such as daylighting roofs. Especially in large public buildings, Polycarbonate is almost everywhere. However, Polycarbonate panels, a new building material, are not the same as conventional building materials such as metal, glass and stone. Physical properties vary greatly, due to improper selection of sealant caused by corrosion and cracking of Polycarbonate sheet, bond damage The large changes in seams lead to leakage of the project occurs repeatedly. Therefore, the selection of a standard sealant is a key detail in the construction of Polycarbonate sheets that cannot be ignored.


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In both dry and wet sealing systems for Polycarbonate sheet engineering, there is a significant impact of the sealing material on the The problem of cracking caused by corrosion of Polycarbonate sheets. The underlying cause is the presence of a more polar ester group in the polycarbonate main chain, which makes polycarbonate more soluble in polar organic solvents. Corrosion occurs when the surface of the Polycarbonate sheet comes in contact with a sealing material containing a polar organic solvent. This can lead to cracking and even cracking of Polycarbonate sheets. Choosing the right silicone sealant and avoiding the corrosive effect of the additives in the sealant on the Polycarbonate sheet is the solution. The key to Polycarbonate sheet cracking problems. Among the commonly used types of silicone sealants, deacidified silicone sealants and dehydrated silicone sealants have a significant impact on Polycarbonate and other silicones. No corrosive effect on Polycarbonate plates, and deoxime type silicone sealants have a corrosive effect on Polycarbonate plates. Therefore, deoxime silicone sealants should not be used in Polycarbonate sheet projects.


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Although deacidified silicone sealants are not corrosive to Polycarbonate plates, they have poor bonding properties and should not be used as a sealant. Optional. Neutral sealants have significant selectivity for bonding Polycarbonate panels, and some adhesives are notoriously selective for Polycarbonate plates have a good initial bond, but the bond disappears after a period of time. This is mainly due to the interfacial inertness of the Polycarbonate sheet, its low surface energy, which makes it difficult for ordinary silicone sealants to bond. To achieve a good bonding effect. Therefore, the sealant should be non-corrosive to Polycarbonate sheets, but at the same time, it should be compatible with Polycarbonate sheets are ideal for long-lasting adhesion.


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displacement capability

Polycarbonate sheets have a high coefficient of thermal expansion (about 7 times that of ordinary glass and 2.5 times that of aluminium). Polycarbonate sheets are subject to a much greater variation in seams than ordinary glass or aluminium. With an expected temperature variation of 80°C and a seam of 20 mm, the displacement level of Polycarbonate sheets can be Up to class 50. Polycarbonate sheets are recommended for the same seam width due to the wide variation of the seam. Special silicone sealants to meet the high standard of displacement requirements.


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Polycarbonate panels used in lighting roofs and curtain walls of more and more projects, the waterproof design should take full account of the peculiarities of the panel, set the appropriate width of the joints and select the relative displacement capacity and good adhesion of the sealant, in order to ensure the waterproof function of the project.

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