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Identification and types of PC boards

by:UNQ     2021-03-12

   There are many types of PC sheets processing. Nowadays, people looking at all kinds of PC boards on the market are dazzled. What are the specific ones?

  Plastic sheet is a very broad industry. Plastic sheets account for almost one-third of the materials used in the current market for processing and manufacturing products, and PC sheets are currently on the market as a hot sale for a large number of plastic sheets. Second only to the amount of metal and wood. Facts have proved that the current plastics industry is very promising. If you want to succeed in this industry, of course you must first understand product knowledge. The most popular plastic sheets on the market at present: plexiglass board, PCPSMS board, these kinds of boards are very similar, how to distinguish plexiglass, P board processing, PS organic board, MS board, how to compare these boards, especially transparent boards .

  The recognition of extruded board is that it has good transparency. Plexiglass is: extruded board and cast board. Using the original identification method, the fire is burning, the flame is clear when burning, there is no smoke, there is air bubbles, and the filament can be drawn when extinguishing. The identification of the cast plate is more transparent, when it is burned with fire, there is no smoke, bubbles, and squeaking sound, and there is no wire when it is extinguished. PC sheets processing, the identification method is high transparency, good impact resistance, not broken, burning with fire is basically not burnable, flame retardant, and will emit partially black smoke.

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