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How would you like to build a house that faces the sea and blossoms in the spring?

How would you like to build a house that faces the sea and blossoms in the spring?

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"I want a big house with big floor-to-ceiling windows, where the sunlight hits the floor and warms my blankets," So sings Sun Yanzi in "A Perfect Day". Actually, there's a lot more to imagine about life. On that leisurely afternoon, everything around was somewhat quiet. Inside the clean and transparent windows, a ray of sunlight paces lazily around the room, casting spots on the various green plants, which are the way they are attached to each other.

What are you doing in a picture like this? Reading a book, playing chess, chatting with friends over tea? Perhaps the radio next to the slow flow of some melodious tunes, in tune with the leisurely beat of this afternoon. I've been imagining it in my head for a long time, and I always want to make this blueprint a reality. This blueprint, naturally, is related to sun room.


But how to create this cozy and peaceful corner in a limited space? Everything is possible with a change in perspective.

The parlor on the balcony

Many apartments have balconies, so consider expanding the balcony into a sunroom as an extension of the living room, allowing natural light to fill in the rest of the room! There is not enough light in the space. The sunroom material is not much, you can use a small wooden lattice ceiling to cover the top of the beam, and you can also hang plants. You can hang bamboo blinds in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows to adjust the angle of light and add elegance.


Fairy Cabin on the top floor

People living on the top floor of a multi-storey apartment can build a sunroom on the top of the apartment that is the same size as their own, which is equivalent to the cost of an apartment. For same money, enjoy the comfort of two houses. For safety, the top floor sunroom can be made of an overall transparent or translucent lightweight material. The material for the top design can be translucent sun panels (polycarbonate hollow sheet), which provide good shade and sun protection.


Dream room in a private garden

People who live on the ground floor with a ground-floor garden have the advantage of occupying the land and seem to be more unrestrained in the construction of the sunroom. For example, the ceiling is made of high quality polycarbonate hollow sheet, the wall skirts are covered with coarse mineral rocks, the floor is made of irregular tiles, and the surrounding area is installed with a high quality tiles. With the large floor-to-ceiling glass, it's really unique to look out at the distant lights and the flickering starlight overhead in the evening.



Of course, when building a sun room, you should pay special attention to the following issues. Otherwise, it is likely to build before full of enthusiasm, built after the regret.

Heat insulation and cooling of the sun room

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a sunroom is that it must be like a steamer cage in the summer and can't stay. In fact, this problem, certainly is not well insulated work.

How to insulate the sun room and how to cool it? In the choice of building materials, you can use high light transmittance polycarbonate hollow sheet, with UV coating, can filter the harmful ultraviolet rays, to a certain extent insulation effect; in summer, sun rooms are not only hot, but also stuffy, so sun rooms must be well ventilated, you can open skylights at the top. Of course just opening the skylight at the top is not enough, to achieve ventilation, it must be coupled with opening the windows on the side to transport the heat out. If possible, you can install a sprinkler system that can be used not only to cool down but also to clean the sunroom. Installing insulated shades to protect from the sun's rays and then planting some greenery and a small water feature will also help to cool the house down. If you don't consider the electricity bill, installing an air conditioner is a very straightforward method that can be used in both winter and summer.


Soundproofing and Insulation of Sun rooms

In winter, many people feel that the sun room is cold like an ice cellar. In fact, this is because in construction without paying attention to the choice of window frame. Using the best thermal insulation broken aluminum alloy frame material, and transparent twin-wall polycarbonate hollow sheet, the sunroom is not only heat preservation, but also soundproof.

Although the north is cold, but the heating is sufficient, you can connect the sun room and indoor heating room. If not enough, you can add an air conditioning or floor heating, of course, the premise is that the sun room must be well sealed, so as to play a good insulation effect.


Waterproof of the sun room

Sun room is generally a separate building house. If the water leaks, it is certainly not firmly built. The building of the sun room can never figure to save money, whether its window frames, sun sheets, or waterproof glue and other materials, we must choose a brand-name security products. The construction process should also pay attention to the construction quality, if one of them unqualified, it may affect the overall service life of the sun room.

If the phenomenon of water leakage in the sun room occurs, we must find a professional company to find out the situation. Do not do it yourself or find roadside construction guerrillas, professional companies will be based on the overall shape of the sun room or water leakage situation, and make the appropriate waterproofing program.



Finally, I wish everyone can be in the leisurely afternoon, leaning in the sun room, quietly tasting tea, looking out the window shady trees, and enjoying their own sunshine.



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