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How to use the sunshine board to make the completely waterproof?

by:UNQ     2020-10-22
1319 sunshine board itself is a kind of material with heat bilges cold shrink, thus to drilling and other processing, will leave some space. But it is because of this, the sunshine board often happen leakage under the condition of leak, will be unable to be completely waterproof. For this kind of situation, will be in the polycarbonate sheet installation and use of the link to cover, which can improve the sunshine board waterproof. has two kinds of installation method are found, which are respectively embedded installation method and screw fixed installation method, installation, either way will be to plate fixed parts, generally need to punch and blank holder, the screw. In addition to the correct process to complete the installation of the sunshine board, also need to use waterproof glue and waterproof, moreover, plus waterproof of acid and alkali in the process of screws black gaskets, so that it can be enough to reach the sunshine board waterproof. In order to make the polycarbonate sheet to completely waterproof and a way to sunshine that is directly choose U lock plate, this is is a special type of sunshine board, its in order to completely waterproof effect in polycarbonate sheet industry has always been very popular product, but also because of its convenient installation favored by the customers. Through the above two ways, the basic can make sunshine board in practical application process completely waterproof, don't have to worry about leaking rain happens, so as to form a more comfortable environment, good to meet the requirement of people.
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