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How to use the correction fluid dedicated to endurance plate bright as new?

by:UNQ     2020-11-15
1943 endurance plate is a plate that made of plastics as raw material, since it is plastic so again good performance are also likely to be damaged, especially endurance plate appearance. If endurance plate surface is not very serious, can be through a substance called the correction fluid to repair. Although endurance plate surface with a protective film, and under the aegis of the protective film is not easy to damage, but once the coating is peel, combined with the construction not careful will bring damage endurance plate appearance. If the damage is serious material can only be scrapped, but if only slight damage, still can repair the reuse through a certain way. Endurance plate repair need to use a special dressing on the surface of the liquid, the liquid is lit colorless liquid, moreover is ph neutral; Although it is avirulent safe, endurance plate correction fluid there are still some excitant odour, so use to wear masks. If need to modify the endurance plate, sheet to clean dust in the first place, make its reveal new texture. Then use a sponge to wipe to endurance plate appearance coated with special correction fluid. 1 - normally 5 minutes, the endurance plate damaged will gradually surface hardening, restored to the original original hardness and smoothness. Seems very simple, as long as the correction fluid to choose of, use correctly, even damaged endurance plate can also be quickly returned to normal, avoid waste, thus making full use of the material, but also save a lot of cost.
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