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how to storage and transportation polycarbonate​ sheets ?

how to storage and transportation polycarbonate​ sheets ?


polycarbonate storage and transportation
(1) Keep indoors, and never allow direct sunlight or rain
(2) Stack by hand, and the stack height should not exceed two meters. No heavy objects shall be placed on the boards, and no hard objects shall be placed between the boards.
(3) The storage room must be kept clean and dry to avoid dust intrusion. No other chemical substances should be stored indoors at the same time.
(4) During storage, do not damage or remove the protective film.
(5) During transportation, it must be placed flat on a clean flat pallet with an area larger than the plate. If necessary, it should be properly tied to avoid vibration and sliding. Pay attention to protect the edge of the plate from damage and keep the double-sided protective film intact.

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