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How to solve the sealing problem when installing the endurance board?

by:UNQ     2021-03-09
Endurance panels are now widely used in various building lighting roofs and interior decorations, regardless of whether the panels use dry assembly method or wet assembly method; horizontal, vertical or inclined installation methods, endurance panel installation projects are more important The problem is its edge fastening. When installing the endurance board, an effective space must be left in the connecting profile or in the inserting groove of the frame to allow the board to be expanded and displaced under load. The user must calculate the gap data of the installation endurance board according to the temperature difference of the four seasons at the project location, so as to adjust the gap size reasonably. There must be at least one arrow rib in the clamped part of the endurance board, or the meshed part at the edge of the board must be at least 20mm. Generally speaking, the total depth of the slot formed by the profile should include a 20mm engagement plus a gap that must be reserved due to thermal expansion and deformation due to load. Regarding the sealing technology of the endurance board, the edges of the board are required to be smooth and dry without any impurities by compressed air; the viscous material of the sealing material used should not damage the endurance board; the sealing tape should have good weather resistance and should not be used for a long time Loss of viscosity and mechanical strength; do not sand or clean the endurance board with strong alkali before sealing to avoid fuzzing. In order to ensure the stability and tightness of the endurance board, it is necessary to use a special set of anti-leakage upper and lower fasteners or a special flat bead; if other products are used, the material of the rubber strip should also be guaranteed to be EPDM rubber or butyl rubber to avoid Causes damage to the endurance board.
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