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How to simply identify the quality of PC board?

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
Different from other building materials, the quality of PC PC sheets and endurance board involves a very important point 'warranty period.' Of course, some other products also have a three-year warranty and a one-year warranty, although they are all merchants... Unlike other building materials, the quality of PC solar panels and endurance panels involves a very important point 'warranty period.' Of course, some other products also have a three-year warranty and a one-year warranty. Although it is the quality assurance of the product by the merchant or manufacturer, the warranty period of the PC board is obviously longer, generally five years, ten years, or even The manufacturer advertises a 15-year warranty period. Among them, two very important questions lie in front of us. Will some manufacturers use shoddy products? How do we distinguish the quality of a batch of PC sheet products? As a consumer, if we do not have enough conditions to conduct a very professional PC board test, will we have a better way to judge the quality of the board and the warranty period? Here, the sun board manufacturer provides you A few simple ways to distinguish. First of all, if it is a transparent PC sheets, we can observe the transparency of the board. Under normal circumstances, the PC sheets with a ten-year warranty can reach about 90% of the light transmittance, and the sun board is about 80%. If the board has a low light transmittance , Indicating that the quality of the polycarbonate particles used in the sheet is poor, and the quality assurance period will naturally be reduced. Secondly, we can carefully observe whether the PC sheet contains impurities. Usually, the polycarbonate raw materials used for the impurity sheets are mixed with different degrees of recycled materials. The color of the PC solid endurance board produced by this raw material will be somewhat different. PC PC sheets is also not pure enough in color performance. Under normal circumstances, boards made from recycled materials are difficult to use for more than ten years. After several years of sun exposure, they will break. The third point is the warranty period of transparent PC sheets. In addition to the use of the most important raw materials, there is another factor 'UV coating'; its main function is to prevent ultraviolet rays from destroying the composition of polycarbonate, thereby avoiding PC sheet has yellowing and aging. How to judge whether a UV layer is added to the surface of the PC sheet? You can irradiate the UV-coated side under strong light, and the side line part will appear less obvious blue, and the sheet without UV will not change. The fourth point is to look at the weight. Generally speaking, good PC boards are relatively heavy and harder due to the compactness of the raw materials. On the contrary, the texture is softer and lighter. In general, starting from these four points, you can simply judge whether the quality of the PC sheet meets your purchase criteria. I hope that when you buy in large quantities, it is best to find brand manufacturers from regular channels to avoid being deceived. manufacturers specialize in the production of PC sun boards, endurance boards, lighting boards, PC tiles and other products. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in Europe, America, North Africa, the Middle East, etc., and have become an advanced enterprise in the industry praised by domestic customers. support hotline:
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