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How to seal the pc board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-28
What is the difference between PC board processing PC polycarbonate sheet and PC endurance board? Actually, PC board processing can be simple from their nicknames. PC polycarbonate sheet, also known as hollow board, hollow board, as the name implies, the distinction is hollow in the middle. PC endurance board is also called solid board, of course, it is solid. In a simple way, you can compare one or more PC sun panels with PC endurance panels. The difference is clearly distinguished from the structure, PC solar panels have single-layer, double-layer, and multilayer or even hollow. The PC endurance board is a single solid. It is distinguished by weight. Because the PC solar panel is hollow and has less material, the thickness and area of u200bu200bthe solid PC endurance panel are much heavier than the PC solar panel. PC board for printing: strong, highly transparent, beautiful, good printing performance, suitable for special printing, helmets, signs, nameplates, protective covers, etc. Special PC board for blister: Polycarbonate (PC) endurance board is used as the base material, and it is formed by high temperature blister. Professional thermal processing PC plastic sheet, product features: light weight, high strength, impact resistance, non-breaking, bulletproof, anti-ultraviolet, good lighting performance, no color change, long shelf life when used outdoors all-weather. Special-purpose PC board for bending: Processing performance: Vacuum forming method and pressure forming method can be used for PC board processing to process various shapes of parts, and it can also be cold-formed at room temperature. According to the design drawings, cold bending can be used on the construction site to install arched, semi-circular roofs and windows. The bending radius is 100 times the thickness of the adopted plate, and it can also be hot bending.

At any time, the PC board should be installed downwards to help the PC board manufacturer to drain the condensed water, otherwise the condensed water will be deposited in the tank and green impurities will appear, which will affect the transparency of the PC sheets. , Heat insulation and aesthetics, in order to avoid moisture accumulation and dust/worm contamination in the groove of the PC board, so pay special attention to the installation, especially the opening end of the slot must be professionally sealed Adhesive strips. Note: The original edge banding tape on the Yuemei board is only used to temporarily protect the edge of the PC board during transportation and storage. It is not used for waterproofing and installation, and it is not resistant to aging. In the installation project, the edge banding tape at both ends of the PC sheets should be replaced with a special sealing tape.

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