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How to remove the peculiar smell produced by plexiglass cutting

by:UNQ     2021-03-22
Many customers are troubled by the pungent smell when cutting plexiglass, rubber sheets or other materials for the plexiglass cutting machine. Mintech Electronics suggests that the plexiglass cutting machine can be equipped with a professional air purifier. Its advantages are as follows: plexiglass cutting machine

  1. The fuselage is industrially designed, easy to install, and equipped with universal casters (the first two Each caster is equipped with a foot brake), which is flexible to move and easy to locate.  2. Specially designed for the peculiar smell and smoke generated during laser processing.  3. Finely equipped filter element, multi-layer filter design, high-efficiency purification of smoke and dust, removal of peculiar smell, the clean air discharged after treatment can be directly circulated in the workshop.  4. The high-efficiency German imported high-precision (PTFE) membrane filter material is adopted, with high purification efficiency, and the removal rate of smoke and dust is ≥99%. The cost of consumables is low, and there is no need for frequent replacement, which saves environmental protection.  5. Equipped with a high-quality brushless fan, high pressure and high speed, high efficiency, low noise, and long service life.   6. Using a universal suction arm, it can hover at any position in the three-dimensional space and reach any position easily and flexibly at 360 degrees.  7. PWM speed control, automatic detection and feedback intelligent control system of filter lamination difference, when the filter layer is blocked, it will send out an audible and visual alarm signal.

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