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How to properly use and maintain the tempered glass panel of the range hood?

by:UNQ     2021-03-30
Because the inside is the control module of the range hood, the panel is usually detachable, and because it is the easiest place to see the range hood, this is also the part that everyone needs to clean frequently. Since toughened glass cannot be bent or welded, the shell is not made of toughened glass. Tempered glass is a very good material for panels, because tempered glass is easy to scrub, no matter what you scrub it will not leave scratches, and it is not easy to scratch. But this does not mean that you can treat it how you want. In the maintenance and cleaning of the tempered glass range hood, be careful not to scrub with hard objects such as acid, alkali cleaners or iron shavers, and usually wipe off the oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and water splashing on the glass surface. Some friends say whether tempered glass is unsafe and easy to burst. This is a bit serious. The tempered glass of the range hood does not come into contact with an open flame, nor will it suddenly become hot or cold, so it will generally not burst when used properly. Of course, problems caused by individual use or improper operation are not ruled out here. For example, when cooking Chinese dishes, the flames are too high, or they are directly affected by external forces. However, toughened glass has good heat resistance and shock resistance. Even if the toughened glass is damaged by external forces, it will become a granular object and will not cause harm to people. In general, the tempered glass range hood is elegant in color, showing elegance and comfort. Tempered glass panel oil stains are not easy to adhere, and it is very convenient to clean. It is recommended that you choose.

What kind of range hood can be regarded as a good range hood? Some people say that smart range hoods that will protect the owner's 'face' are applauded. Some people say that a range hood that is easy to clean and maintain is a good experience. Everyone knows that there are two main types of cooktop materials: stainless steel and tempered glass. Stainless steel cooktop materials are strong, smooth, and beautiful, but after long-term use, the surface finish will be worse, and the stains are more difficult to clean and easy to leave marks. Relatively speaking, the tempered glass stove surface is beautiful and generous, easy to clean, and easy to shine as new after long-term use, and is welcomed by many range hood users. However, this type of panel will occasionally experience glass loss during long-term use. So how should we maintain the tempered glass panel? Usually we call the button interface of the range hood, that is, the area facing the person as the panel, whether it is Chinese, European, or side suction. Other than the hood above, it is called the main body, which can also be said to be the shell. . This is a bit like the definition of a human face. Under the cheekbones and on both sides of the mouth, the human body actually only has a small piece called the face, and the range hood has only one piece called the panel.

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