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How to produce hardened PC board

by:UNQ     2021-03-18

   Hardened PC sheets At present, many endurance board manufacturers can produce scratch-resistant PC endurance boards, with the development of technology from time to time. In the market, they are collectively referred to as hardened endurance boards. At present, hardened endurance boards in the domestic market can basically reach a scratch resistance base of about 2H. Let me introduce to you how to produce the hardened endurance board. In fact, the hardened endurance board is a waste endurance board coated with a layer of coating. The hardener used on it will become a PC hardened endurance board after the coating is cooled. The hardened endurance board can reach The surface is hardened around 3H.


   Hardened PC board will affect the flexibility of the board. A major disadvantage of hardened endurance board is the surface hardening treatment of the board. The endurance board will become very brittle, and the endurance board is prone to brittle cracks during processing or installation. At the same time, the plate cannot be bent, and can only be laid flat during placement. Therefore, although the hardened endurance board meets the needs of some customers, the overall application in the market is still very small

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