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How to prevent premature aging due to ultraviolet rays of the sun board

by:UNQ     2020-10-13
1409 tangyan plate used in outdoor environment for a long time, due to the sun, so will soon be aging. Indicates that solar radiation forms through promoting appearance checker will cause serious harm to the sun plate, further make water, dust, chemical corrosion of sun plate, etc. Aging problem that how to reduce polycarbonate sheet? The above situation proved that sunshine board aging speed depends largely on the environment parameters, including geographical location, altitude, such as the change of the season. In order to slow down the ageing process of sunshine board, it is necessary to carry out its special uv treatment. Generally there are two ways to do this, one is the uv layer maintenance dedicated masterbatch is added in the raw material, and then through the extrusion process has the ability to resist ultraviolet polycarbonate roofing sheets is made of. ; After molding, the other is in sunshine increased on the surface layer of a layer of uv coating, so as to achieve anti-uv effect. In either way, in addition to choose high quality UV resistance of the membrane and high quality resin, curing degree of the production control is very critical, because the sun plate curing degree increase, its hardness, mechanical strength, it will be very high, is relatively embrittlement. And sunshine board manufacturers, in order to increase the tolerance of the plate and increased the plasticizer, but it will not only affect the strength of the sunshine board, still can make its aging resistance and life spans will be discounted, such natural sunshine board cannot undergo the influence of environmental conditions and premature aging. So in the choice of outdoor use sunshine board, be sure to zheng zheng big eyes, choose the excellent quality, good performance of the sunshine board. And also want to pay attention to when install and use, to prevent the purple paint layer in the direction of the sun, and avoid all kinds of acid and alkali substances and its contact.
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