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How to plate paste adhesive tape, the sun and the sun tile and what's the difference

by:UNQ     2020-10-17
1307 at the time of installation sunshine board, may use adhesive tape, in order to enhance the stability of the sunshine board structure and sealing. The process, not only for the tape has certain requirements, pasting the tape in the sun, will be in strict accordance with the rules of operation. Use adhesive tape should be on the sunshine board installation project dedicated tape, because it has good weatherability, even use for a long time will not lose its caking property and mechanical strength. But before the actual installation, still need to check some adhesive tape carefully for damage, so to change in time. Secondly and ensure that the sunshine board edge part is smooth, and the sun plate all hole blow clean, the compressed air must be used without any impurities and dry, in order to avoid because of the existence of defects such as burrs, impurities, and affect the quality of paste adhesive tape. After paste, but also use the profiles, metal plate, the end of the u-shaped slot to the polycarbonate sheet tape completely cover and the sealing is good, makes the sunshine board after the installation is complete there will be no exposed part, further improve the beautiful sex of sunshine board structure. And sunshine plate production material is similar to that of the sun, it is also a polycarbonate as raw materials, and add the UV inhibitor by precision machinery equipment such as production, so many of its features are similar to the sunshine board, also can take more attention in the application. Sun tile corrugated type USES a unique design, not only ensure the plank of heat bilges cold shrink, but also in compressive ability is much higher than normal sunshine board, so the application of it in some special occasions, very popular.
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